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Virtual Baby Games Online

Here you have babysitting and "being a parent" games. They are mainly aimed at girls but boys can play them, too.


Babyvalley is a free virtual game where you are raising babies. You have to feed them and keep them happy. The better mother (or father) you are to your babies the faster they grow. Once they are 3 years old they are off to school and no more work for you. This will take about six months in real life if you play often enough. One virtual day in Babyvalley is one week in real life.

To feed and take care of the baby you need money. Storks give you a weekly allowance. Storks are those birds that you've seen in cartoons flying babies to parents, when they are born. In addition to storks you also get money from your work.

It's wise to get a better education at the beginning of the game so that you get more income. None of the work is actually done by you in the game. Everything is automated. You just select the things you need and when you want them to be done. For example you have to buy baby milk but the actual feeding is automated.

This virtual game seems a bit complicated at first but when you start to get the hang of it, you'll be happily making a lot of babies.

Babyvalley has a costly VIP membership available with additional benefits such as more furniture and better clothing for your baby. (opens in a new window)

Virtual Babysitting Games Online


Kindergarten is a free virtual babysitting game. Your ultimate goal is to own and run the greatest Kindergarten in the town.

The game is pretty simple. 1. a doorbell rings; 2. you are handed a baby; 3. you take care of the baby; 4. the baby is retrieved by the parents.

When a baby needs something a thought bubble will appear over his (or her) head telling you what he wants. If he has peed on himself you need to change his diapers. If he is angry you pick him up and carry him to the box to cool down.

In order for you to build your babysitting business you need extra equipment and helping hands. You can buy things, like beds to put the babies to have a nap. You can also hire staff to help you to keep the babies happy. For example, the assistant nanny entertains the babies, and an assistant cook can provide food for the baby.

You need to buy extra rooms for some workers. Like assistant cook needs a kitchen and assistant babysitter needs a bedroom.

The happier the babies are the more you get money from the parents and the quicker you can achieve your main goal of buying the entire house.

Kindergarten video review (opens in a new window)